Welcome to The Hummingbird Centre for Hope

a place for those that are widowed and have children.

Grieving the loss of a spouse has no rule book.  It takes tremendous strength, patience and time to adjust to the dramatic lifestyle changes that occur.  Surviving spouses work heroically each and every day to try and maintain a sense of normalcy for their grieving children, while at the same time coping with their own immense loss.

The Hummingbird Centre for Hope recognizes that young parents face extraordinary and ongoing hardships when their spouse dies, and they become the sole guardians of their families in grief.  Not only do they experience emotional devastation by the death of their spouse, but also the practical hardship that comes as a result of this loss.  Worries often include the requirement to take on new roles and responsibilities that were once the function of the other spouse; the reality that simple daily pressures and challenges must now be shouldered alone; and the responsibility of raising children as an only parent.  The widow or widower is forced to adapt to these significant changes whilst also helping their children grieve the death of a parent.  Often it is these practical stresses that become the hardest obstacles to overcome.

The Hummingbird Centre for Hope strives to provide widowed people with continuing support in all areas of their grief – to help ease the burdens they are forced to carry.   In an environment of hope and understanding, ongoing initiatives provide individuals with tools, knowledge, courage and strength to create a renewed sense of self, as they work to rebuild the lives and dreams of their young families.

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