Believe Gala – Rebuilding Together

Pivoting, Resilience and Kindness were words I found myself using the most in 2021.  We had to pivot to online learning, capacity limits and holiday plans.  We all showed resilience in the face of these and other life circumstances.  We encouraged ourselves and others to show kindness, whether it be to those with a difference of opinion about vaccination, those showing up to serve us in restaurants or those we met in our new found appreciate for exercising outdoors.  We all had words that kept us going, provided hope and created comfort.  Our widowed community rocked at all of these words!

One of the many new words Hummingbird Centre for Hope (HCH) is focusing on is Rebuilding!  Everyone of us can relate to this word and it can mean something from a tiny concept to a life change.  The past two years, we have all lost and experienced grief. We have been united in grief and now united in rebuilding.  At Hummingbird we recognize the unique challenges of rebuilding while grieving the loss of your partner, all while being the sole provider for your grieving children still living at home.

Even though it has been 7 years since the passing of my son’s father, I am still rebuilding.  As like most of you I made a new year’s resolution to be ‘the parent’ aka reeducating my son that I am in charge.  A concept that can get lost in any house, but especially in my house as a solo working mom. So here I am again rebuilding our mother and son relationship, still amongst online learning, COVID 19 and cold weather.  But it is the constant support of my fellow widows, family and friends that makes it possible and a resolution that is still happening a month out.

So, it was only fitting that our 2nd Annual Believe Gala in support of HCH is ‘Rebuilding Together’.  I am so excited to invite you to join us on Thursday, March 24 for our virtual gala. Comprised of a wonderful meal delivered to your door, including wine and dessert, everyone can sit back, relax and enjoy an evening of laughter, entertainment and inspiration.  

I am so thrilled to be working with a great committee of volunteers to bring our gala to you.  And together, we can support our widowed community as they rebuild. 

We are receiving great support towards our online silent auction; just to tease I thought I would list a few.  Hilborn Pottery, Kim and Pom,  Lets Roam and Niagara Helicopters

Join us as we Rebuild Together.



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