Hummingbird Centre for Hope


A community of hope for widowed families.

about us

When a young parent is widowed they face extraordinary and ongoing hardships. Not only do they become the sole guardians of their families in grief, they must also take on new roles and responsibilities while at the same time coping with their own immense loss. At the Hummingbird Centre for Hope, we understand these struggles and work to provide young widowed parents with continuing support in all areas of their grief. Our goal is to help ease the burdens these parents carry and to help them find a renewed sense of hope for themselves and their families.


Empowering widowed parents to discover a new sense of self through peer-based learning.


To build a community of hope for those who are widowed with children.


Shared Experience – we embrace peer support as a foundation to understand a widowed parents’ grief
Education – we recognize the uniqueness of grief and that knowledge helps to guide the widowed journey
Compassion – we companion widowed parents with empathy and authenticity in a nurturing environment of hope
Spirit – We believe in the human spirit and its capacity to triumph over life’s tragedies

Why a hummingbird?

The hummingbird: a symbol of hope

The Hummingbird Centre for Hope is dedicated to the memories of Keith Williams and Scott Bailey—the late husbands of Hummingbird’s founders Marny Williams-Balodis and Beth EC Bailey. Having experienced the loss of a spouse first-hand, Marny and Beth understand the nature of grief.

To them, the hummingbird’s characteristics are reminiscent of the journey experienced by young parents who are coping with the death of their spouse. The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards, side to side, hover in one place or move forward, reflecting the fact that grief is never a linear journey. The bird uses it’s long beak to bypass the outer bitterness of the flower and reach deep to find the nectar and beauty that exists inside.