Hummingbird Centre for Hope

Other Organizations

Soaring Spirits International
Soaring Spirits has one goal; to connect widowed people with each other.

Camp Widow
Camp Widow® is a unique and incredible experience. During the course of a weekend this program provides both practical tools and relevant resources for widowed persons rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of the death of a spouse or partner.

Widowed Parent
For widowed parents navigating a new reality

Refuge In Grief
Refuge in Grief focuses on assisting those individuals who are coping with an unexpected or out-of-order death, life-changing illness or injury, and other events that may be related to coping concerning something not foreseen. Their timely aid has assisted countless individuals across the country and can prove to be integral to not feeling alone.

Modern Widows Club
Modern Widows Club believes every widow has the potential to be empowered through grief.  

One Fit Widow
My new book, Healthy Healing, which stems from my own personal experience of loss, provides a unique plan that uses the power of exercise to help anyone work through grief

Highmark Caring Place 
A center for grieving children, adolescents and their families

Heal Grief
HealGrief®, a social support network that is there when everyone else goes away, and the real grieving begins. Everything we do is inspired by our core belief that no one should ever grieve alone. HealGrief® provides the tools and resources to guide one’s journey with grief into a healthy personal growth.


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