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Share Your Story of Widowhood

2017 marks Canada’s 150th birthday. Many of the celebration initiatives encourage communities and organizations to focus on the people of Canada: to tell their stories, to find ways to foster understanding and support for each other, to create a sense of belonging and to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

At Hummingbird Centre for HOPE we are passionate about our community of young grieving families with children. We know the struggles they face. We know that a sense of support and belonging is critical to finding their way in life. We know the importance of preserving the legacy of those we have lost for our children. The hard truth is that many people outside our own experience do not understand the realities with which we live. So in keeping with the theme of the 150th celebration Hummingbird Centre for HOPE would like to extend the invitation for you to tell your story.
Our aim is to collect 150 stories that will help us spread awareness as to what it truly means to be widowed with dependant children. We are asking for your help and your courage to share what is a complex and deeply personal journey.

This is our chance to spread awareness through your remarkable stories of life and loss. To give a voice to the struggles widows and widowers face when they become the sole guardians of their family’s grief.

Together we can unite to educate our community. To help alter the perceptions society has on the impact of grief. Together we can build of legacy of experience and inspiration not just for our own children but as a beacon of hope for those families that will one day find themselves on the same road.

We invite you to be part of the process as together through our stories we can change the very face of widowhood for the better.

Submission Guidelines: It does not matter where you are in your journey…remember there is no timeline to grief. You can write about any moment or aspect of your grief, trying to keep your story between 500-1000 words. Inspiration can come from your greatest challenge, triumph, society impact, your children, or any topic you wish others to understand about your widowhood.

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How you can help

The loss of a spouse often brings with it financial hardship. For this reason, the Hummingbird Centre for Hope is committed to providing all our services at no cost to families. To do this, we rely on the support of donors like you.


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