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Finding HOPE Support Group

By coming together in a safe and understanding environment, members will share experiences, learn about grief and create their own toolkit of resources to help navigate through their own grief journey.

This group is for men and women whose partner or spouse has died and who have dependent children at home and who are in the early stages of grief.

Goals of this group are to:

  • build a community of support with others who have experienced a similar loss
  • provide education about grief
  • create realistic expectations of your own grief journey
  • learn coping tools and strategies
  • share stories
  • understand children’s grief and how we can support them

This is an 8 week support group that meets once a week for 2 hrs.
Please register and we will be in touch with next session dates.

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How you can help

The loss of a spouse often brings with it financial hardship. For this reason, the Hummingbird Centre for Hope is committed to providing all our services at no cost to families. To do this, we rely on the support of donors like you.