Today is my 13th anniversary.

The past few weeks, I have felt a heaviness like something is not quite right in the world. I didn’t think much of it. A lot is going on in my world, and I usually attribute my heaviness to life in general! However, deep down, I know what the heaviness is about… my anniversary. I […]

Keith’s Birthday

April 10th was Keith’s birthday. He would have turned 59! Yes, he was 15 years older than me – a reality that would cause me to pause every once in a while. I used to think that when I was 65, he would be 80, and we could both be retiring – me from work […]

12 years, 6 months less one week…

I finished shredding Keith! On Sunday, in a completely unplanned and spontaneous moment, I attacked the last box of papers from Keith and began ripping them. I have been shredding and burning his paperwork in spurts since he died. Believe it or not, all the shredding I did before I moved from Calgary to Ontario […]

One word to drive your year

I am amazed at how one day can put you on a new path. Yesterday it was December 31, 2014, and today January 1, 2015, and here I am making decisions about how I would like the year to unfold. Why can’t I do this any other day of the year? Why do I need […]

Beauty can be found in simple moments

Wow – it is such a busy time of year. My days are filled with trying to get the shopping done, coordinating the family get-togethers, wrapping the presents combined with doing all the regular daily stuff that needs to be done – no wonder I am exhausted at the end of the day. Personally, I […]

Live with no regrets

I’ve been trying for weeks to muster up an idea for my blog post but, to be honest, I was really stumped – until Sunday evening. I received word that someone I know has received serious news about their health, and it seems that there might not be anything that can be done to fix […]

Honoring Life Through Photos

Pictures stir emotions – all kinds and combinations. They bring up stories, make us cry, make us laugh, help us to remember. Pictures say more than 1000 words. We had a wonderful discussion about our photos, shared some tears, and supported one another. We talked about why some photos are harder to look at than […]


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