Valentine’s Day

A day dedicated to celebrating the love you share with your special someone. For some, this was a big day in your relationship and for others, they believe everyday should be Valentine’s Day. Regardless of how you feel about it, you will most likely have emotions bubbling up. Seeing others buying cards and roses and showing their love for one another can leave us feeling sad (for what we are missing), envious (because others have what we desperately miss) or lets be honest – a little resentful and asking ourselves “How come they get to spend the day with their partner and we don’t???” Whatever the emotion – honour it! Even though this day is all about love, I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge those whose relationship wasn’t always fabulous and full of roses. I will never forget a call I received after hosting one of our support groups. That night we had been talking about our love and what we miss, and how good our relationship was. This member was brave enough to tell me that their relationship wasn’t all good and that there were parts that weren’t missed and they were grateful to not have to experience those anymore. We all have struggles In our relationships, but for some those struggles are painful. It reminded me that we can never assume we know how a relationship works, everyone has a story and not to be judgmental. Today we honor love. Good love, hard love, challenging love…the many different types of love. We want to remember it all, because it is part of your love story. But today, I invite you to show yourself some love too. Be good to you, love you and honor you.


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