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There is such a thing as a grief hangover?

The holidays are over and you survived. You survived the extra time spent with family. You survived the kids being home from school for 2 weeks. You survived the multitude of emotions. You survived the snow & cold (if you live in southern Ontario!). Most importantly, you survived the season without your spouse by your side.

Thanks to society and retail stores, the holiday season starts in early November. For the past 10 wks you have been exposed to glitter, joyous music, happiness and excitement. For the past 10 wks you have spent a lot of energy making plans and just trying to keep things together.

Think of the past 10 wks as training for a marathon. You have completed that marathon and now your body and mind need to recover. This is the grief hangover! Be patient with yourself and practice self care. Grief hangovers are not a set back…they are time to regroup. Believe it or not, the 10 wks spent prepping for the holidays you did an incredible amount of grief work. Believe it or not – that is a good thing!!!

Be proud of yourself for making it through the holidays. Be compassionate with yourself as you take to time to recover from your hangover!

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