Wedding19 years ago today, I embarked on the journey of my life. It was the day I married Keith surrounded by friends and family in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains in Emerald Lake BC.

So young, so naive, so in love, so hopeful for a future full of possibilities. Never could I have imagined what the world had planned for us. I never could have dreamed that I would become a widow and solo parent at the age of 30. Life was cruel!

We were blessed to have the Northern Lights put on a show for us after the ceremony. People told us that was good luck…at the time I believed them – later I wasn’t so sure it was good luck.

I was blessed to have been married to Keith for almost 5 years. I was blessed to learn what love means. What love can accomplish. How love is eternal. I am blessed for all Keith has taught me in his life and in his death. I am blessed for the new life I have created, for new love, new dreams.

Today I am grateful and full of love

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