Parent & Child hugChildren’s Grief Awareness Day #CGADHOPE

Telling our children that their parent has died is the absolute worse conversation we can ever imagine to have. As a parent, it is completely devastating to have to tell your child their Mom or Dad has died.

Somehow it would be easier if we only had to tell them once, but that isn’t the case. Young children will ask the same question over and over again – this helps them to understand what happened.

I felt like my heart was being continually ripped out of my chest every time my child asked “When is Daddy coming home?” Sometimes he would ask this multiple times in a single day.

As hard as this is, make sure your answers are consistent and that everyone in the family is delivering the same message. Death and grief are confusing enough for us as adults. Do your best to have Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles and friends saying the same message to your children.

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