TurkeySo how did Thanksgiving get here so fast? Yesterday it was the first day of school and now we are thinking turkeys!

Thanksgiving marks the start of what feels like the never ending holiday season. Thanksgiving, Halloween, Remembrance Day, Christmas, New Years…I’ll stop there!

When we are missing our spouse it can feel impossible to figure out how to make it through the next 3 months without completely losing it? It requires a lot of self care and some pre-planning. But let’s start small and figure out how to make it through this weekend.

Start by bringing things back to basics or at least something manageable. Right now we don’t have the energy to celebrate like we used to. Change tradition, create new or just don’t do it for this year. Remember that what ever you do this year has no reflection on what you do next year. Next year is a whole 365 days away!

Dose yourself in family time. Sometimes being with family is a good thing, sometimes not!! Arrive late and leave early – it’s ok!

Ask your kids what they want to do – often they have fabulous ideas!

Get outside and enjoy Mother Nature. A good dose of fresh oxygen, sunshine and forests always does me good.

Be grateful. This can be easier said than done. Often we feel like there isn’t much to be grateful for when all we want is our spouse back with us. Be grateful for the teeny tiny things.

Go slow, breathe, honour your emotions. Know that you are not alone. Reach out if you need support.

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