Today is my birthday!  I had originally starting writing a post about how I spent this day 13 years ago (I was standing in a river scattering my husband’s ashes….not the best way to spend a birthday!) But yesterday I had an “aha” moment!

I was meeting with a bereaved client and my hour spent with this gentleman was amazing.  We talked about the power of love.  We talked about missing our loved ones and how difficult it is to create a new life without them present.  It was just a wonderful conversation filled with tears, laughter, honesty and love.  Strangely it left me feeling refreshed.

It ended by him telling me that I didn’t look my age (told him it was my birthday tomorrow!) And who doesn’t want to hear that.  And then he told how appreciative he was that I was there to help him.  He called it fate that we had met.

This meeting reminded me of how much I truly love my job.  I love that I am able to meet these amazing people and to be a small part of their grief journey. I am honored that they trust in me to share the intimate details of their love and grief.

So today instead of remembering a difficult moment in my grief, I am going to celebrate. I am celebrating my new amazing life.  I am celebrating Keith and thanking him for helping to push me on this amazing journey.  I am celebrating Dave for supporting and loving me in this crazy journey.  I am celebrating my kids – they are just simply amazing!  And YES, I am going to celebrate myself and rock my additional year of wisdom!!

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