One word to drive your year

I am amazed at how one day can put you on a new path. Yesterday it was December 31, 2014, and today January 1, 2015, and here I am making decisions about how I would like the year to unfold. Why can’t I do this any other day of the year? Why do I need a change of year to make personal changes?

Anyway, this year I am setting some personal goals and also some business goals for Hummingbird. I know I have lofty ambitions, and I should probably be more realistic with my expectations, but hey – go big or go home.

In a recent FB post, I talked about choosing a word you would use as your mantra for the year. Last year, I chose “finish.” I had (and still have) many projects started that need to be completed. I didn’t do too badly on that word, but I am hoping that this year’s word will be more successful.

I have been thinking about my word for a while now, and I keep coming back to the same one. I feel odd picking it, which I believe is a message unto itself. The word I am picking is “me.”

It seems selfish, and maybe that is why I am having a hard time being OK with it. The way I hope to define this word for 2015 is to put me first (every once in a while, of course!)

It is about self-care, doing things I want to do, spending more time with friends, expanding my education, continuing success for Hummingbird, being more present, aware, and tuned in with myself. Setting goals that are attainable and relishing in my success when they are achieved. How often do we pat ourselves on our back for the amazing things we do accomplish? I feel that 2015 should be the year of personal triumphs.

I see great potential for myself for 2015. Maybe my ambitions are too lofty, but hey, I’m worth it!

What’s your word?



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