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My son & I 2003

Wow – it is such a busy time of year. My days are filled with trying to get the shopping done, co-ordinating the family get togethers, wrapping the presents combined with doing all the regular daily stuff that needs to be done – no wonder I am exhausted at the end of the day.

Personally, I have had to add some sick children into the mix as well. Thankfully we are all well and fingers crossed it continues.

The other day while making dinner my son sat at the counter and we chatted – not about anything in particular, but we connected on the daily stuff. If any of you have teenage sons you can relate to the beauty of these sacred moments.

Part of my self-care plan is to take time each day and reflect on all that I am grateful for. After my conversation with my son, I took a moment to Thank Keith (my deceased hubby). I thanked him for our life together. I thanked him for my children. I thanked him for teaching me how to love. I thanked him all he has taught me in his life and death.

And then I thanked him for the relationship he gave me with my son. His death has created a unique bond between my son and me. I am amazed at what my son feels comfortable sharing with me. I will never know what our relationship may have been like if Keith hadn’t died and can’t compare it to another mother/son bond. I can only go on what was created because of his death. What we created is a relationship that amazes, stuns, and fills my soul with joy.

So between the craziness of the holiday season and missing our loved one, take a moment, slow down and reflect on what you have. Sometimes the true beauty can be found in the simple moments.


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