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Camp Widow Canada!

I am still riding the high of this past weekend.

Here are a few of my highlights.

– reconnecting with friends I had met at previous camps
– being witness to men and women sharing the intimacies of their grief
– hugs, hugs and more hugs- having my father attend the camp (not as a widow, but as a Rotarian) and being able to share the magic of camp with him
– watching the widow flash mob in the Eaton Centre
– yummy food
– laughter
– good deep belly laughter
– meeting new amazing friends
– dancing (my feet are still sore!)
– walking over the Toronto City Hall and releasing candle lit paper lilies to honor our loved ones
– chocolate!

There are so many highlights for me…Camp filled my soul.

The strength of community is so amazing.  Camp Widow is a safe place where these men and women can come together and be true and authentic to their grief.

I was witness to people sharing the most intimate details of their loss.  They shared the death story – holding no detail back.  There was anger, frustration, disbelief.  They shared their fears and anxieties for the future.  They talked about their children and the heartache they felt for them and their grief.  They cautiously talked about their future and what that could look like.

They did this without being judged.  No one was shocked with what was said or heard.  Instead they were met with an understanding, a comfort, a respect for their grief.  People hugged, sat in sacred silence, listened and honored each other.

That is the magic of Camp Widow…(and it is coming back next September!)


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