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T minus 3 days and counting…Camp Widow in Canada!?
When I first heard about Camp, I’ll be honest, I couldn’t get past the name. But, the more I hear about this Camp, the more I can’t get past the fact that this type of weekend even exists! To get away from reality to think about your reality? To spend a weekend in a great city, and with people who GET you? It’s brilliant!

I am a newbie, nervous, yet excited. Apprehensive, yet curious. I’m not sure what to expect (of myself that is), but part of me wants to expect the unexpected! Something I’ve become accustomed to doing.

With any new venture or opportunity I usually set a goal. This weekend I’ll ask myself…’why am I going and what do I want to walk away with?’

My goal? To let it all go, to surrender to the balancing act (cause an act it is!) and let the balls fall where they may.

And, walk away with the courage to live the life I’ve always dreamed of…and find a little bit of me, again.

Are you going to Camp this weekend? What’s your goal? Your expectation?

And maybe I’ll see you there! (I’ll be the girl with all the balls around her feet!)

Happy Camping!

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