Honoring Life Through Photos

Pictures stir emotions – all kinds and combinations. They bring up stories, make us cry, make us laugh, help us to remember. Pictures say more than 1000 words.

We had a wonderful discussion about our photos, shared some tears, and supported one another.

We talked about why some photos are harder to look at than others. We explored why it is difficult.

We also talked about the importance of getting yourself into the photo – which can be a challenge. Why not work at mastering the art of “selfies” or ask a friend or stranger to take the photo for you?

Hilary from One for the Wall Photography (who facilitated the night) suggested trying a photo project. There are apps called 365 Photo Project where you take one photo a day, and you can add a note, so you remember the moment. It stores each photo onto a calendar so you can view the month. And the best part – it sends you reminders to take the picture. Why not try it?

Photos are a legacy. They are memories and capture a moment in time. Keep taking photos.


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