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Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are special days when you should be pampered by your spouse and children….where you get to take the day off, sleep in, enjoy the homemade gifts from your kids, maybe get breakfast in bed or a dinner out.

Instead of time to yourself, it is now a day that you need to take on the extra roles of organizing, coordinating and supporting your children who still want to honour you and their deceased parent.  They are another day when you have to continue your role as both Mom and Dad.   They are days that remind you of what you and your children have lost.

Every May, The Hummingbird Centre for Hope hosts its Annual Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Memorial Event.  We invite families to come together in a safe, accepting and supportive environment and to be with others who understand what each of us is trying to cope with – the reality of being a widow or widower and a solo parent.

Families are welcome to join us on Sunday May 28, 2017 for our 6th Annual event from 1:00 – 3:00 pm where we will creatively express our grief together as a family.

Location:  The Family Centre Gynmasium
65 Hanson Ave, Kitchener
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